कुर्सियां / chairs

शुरू में सिर्फ़ ज़मीन थी
और इंसान थे
बराबर थे सब
एक-साथ बैठते थे
फिर धीरे-धीरे
और हर इंसान
दूसरे से अलग होता गया
आज सिर्फ़ कुर्सियां हैं
और जो रह गए हैं ज़मीन पर
उन्हें इंसान नही समझा जाता

in the beginning
there was only earth
and there were humans
each one was equal
each one sat with the other
then, gradually
chairs were made
and each person
got separated from the other
there are only chairs
and those left on the earth
are not considered human enough

image copyright: corbis.com
recently dee and me gave a party at my place. (celebrating the 22nd october.) i cleaned the whole space, removed the bed and the chairs and made the sitting arrangement on the floor itself. it was possible to have more people share the same space sitting on the floor instead of chairs. this poem comes from there 🙂
…to think of, the earth was always enough for all of us. we just have not realised that, yet.


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