हमारी गिनती हो गयी है! we’ve been counted!

9 से 28 फरवरी 2011 तक, डी और उसके जैसे हजारों स्कूल शिक्षक एड़ी-छोटी का ज़ोर लगायेंगे, हमारे घर आएंगे, दुनिया के सबसे बड़े जनगणना कार्यक्रम में. हमारा फ़र्ज़ बनता है की हम इन मेहमानों का स्वागत करें और हर तरह से इनकी सहायता करें. और फिर गर्व से दुनिया को बताएं, हाँ हमारी गिनती हो गयी है! 🙂

from 9th till 28th of February, Dee and thousands of teachers like her will run from pillar to post in the biggest census exercise in the world. friends, let’s welcome these guests to our homes, help them to the best of our abilities and tell the world with pride, yes we too have been counted 🙂

this time, there are 2.5 million enumerators this time with thousands of teachers amongst them.
i feel more concerned for the women teachers because they are the really hard-pressed ones. sending them after school, on holidays, to complete strangers’ houses where they are not even welcome… and we know how thankless we all can be 🙁

that’s why this little attempt to spread some awareness. hope it’ll be of some help 🙂


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