how 3 day weekends can change our lives

2 day weekends are passé. in the social media century, we should now be aligning ourselves to 3 day weekends. 2 day weekends just don’t get things done. there is Friday night and half of Saturday is wasted already. then you’ve so much of pending stuff to do that all of Sunday is almost gone before you realize that weekend was meant to relax! to top it all, you spend Monday talking, posting, sharing about the Saturday which makes the poor Monday look bad. a 3 day weekend would solve this conundrum nicely!

Here’s how a 3 day weekend would pan out:

Day 1, Friday: whether you spent previous evening socializing or not, you make it a point to do all your pending household tasks by end of the day. that way you are in a better frame of mind to tackle the tricky aspect of meeting friends and dates without guilt gnawing at your mind.

Day 2, Saturday: you’ve fun, just letting your hair down, exploring your city, shopping, pubs, strip clubs what not. get as many pictures clicked as you want (this part is very important!), share as many location based tweets, this is the day when you create all those memories you’ll be nostalgic about in a few months’ time.

Day 3, Sunday: now this is the clincher. what happens in a 2 day weekend is, even if you’ve had a good time with your real life friends, you don’t have time to share it with your online friends. and frankly, who stays with you through the week? not those you meet on the weekends, right? so on this extra holy day, you create all those facebook albums you’ve been wanting to. you diligently tag everyone present the day before, if possible their good looking friends too and be the envy of all those who couldn’t go out with you. if you’re one of those literary types, you can also write blog posts about the day gone by and share it with all your friends and followers.

ATTENTION Employers: this 3 day weekend will help increase productivity in offices as well. employees will spend less time gossiping about the weekend ‘cos almost all would have seen each others’ facebook albums, tweets and status updates. there will be no such term like ‘Monday morning blues’ anymore and corporate slaves would really work  without mood swings for change.

no wonder i’d this world changing idea on the third day of an extended weekend! so, what do you say 🙂


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