a different kind of week

its unusual. sunday onwards, its been a difficult kind of time. 17th was sia’s birthday, my half-a-decade-old neice. haven’t seen her since ages though. 18th to 20th, supposed to do a lot of things. some i did. some not.

haven’t written anything worthwhile for days. haven’t read anything too. yet to visit the delhi book fair, and this coming sunday is the last day. whether i’ll manage it or not, who knows. dee will go there for the second time tomorrow. lucky girl.

reena is still on bed, rahul is trying to breach canadian immigration policies against lunatics. apsy continues to be busily blue and dee, busily yellow. bugs got a new pair of dentures, sachin got a new poetry writing habit and amul has got nothing new to do. ma & pa continue with their weekly fights, lizie continues with her cs classes and dushman continues with her on-off sickness’.

seems everybody else is continuing with their lives, its just me who’s stuck up in nothing.

the only eventful things this week have been watching ’50 first dates’ and talking to ‘frau liebe’. i liked the movie. more than the movie, it was the idea that appealed more. romantic, philosophical, both the angles.

imagine, being in love with someone, who forgets the previous day completely while waking-up every morning. goosebumpy? challenging? lump-in-the-throat-kinda lovestory? but then, love deals with impossibles. your call?

as for frau liebe. she’s a new presence in delhidreams. and a pretty good one too. hmmm.

lets see how the days unfold. sometimes, a little normalcy becomes a treasured thing.


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