a poem a day

a shoelace poem
loose open words
have to be tied down
they fall apart
and take them with you

a coin-poem spinning round
and rapid
and round
it has to come to rest
make noise
and be of some use

a log-in poem
you start typing it
and it helps itself soon
someone remembers it for you
somewhere in an other conscience
like password help

a festering wound poem
has to be filled up
with ointment of feelings
and bandaged with words
it won’t let you rest
until it heals itself

a poem is everywhere
all you have to do

is write it down
a poem a day
it is
and more than love it needs

this is being written on the 8th of december morning. sometimes i don’t feel right with myself. and many times i use the drafts saved on previous days. like here. and perhaps more i’ll use. we all utilise our past in our future. hope u all are fine.


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