a questionable frame of mind, hmmm???

  • what is common between a trousseau box, a family hair brush & a mobile accesory?
    (have to write a headline combining all these into one not-to-be-missed-offer…)

dedicated to my dear anonymous, meet_me

what do you do when,
lots of questions swin around in your mind?
like hungry hammer-head sharks
on discovery channel
searching for their prey
a single electric impulse
locks on the target
and some poor squid
has seen the last of its day

  • why does the client arrives when you are packing-up for the day?

what do you do when,
lots of questions trouble your mind?
and you are scared of answers
too easy to find
life is like a tv channel
with my own reality show
i’m the hero, i’m the victim
i’m reaping, what others sow

  • why does apsy feel blue, when she has all the love in the world to look forward to?

am in a very funny mood now. this was written just on impulse. seems a good de-cluttering exercise.

  • why is delhi cooler than normal these mornings and hotter than average in the afternoons?

actually, was quite blue since yesterday evening. yesterday or tomorrow? somehow, i always manage to confuse myself within these two.

  • and why does one particular song always brings back ‘that’ face to your mind?

okay, so where was i? a question again. this is a very questionable frame of mind i find myself in. hmmm…

i am blue becasue of my past. one single little incident can throw my life completely out of gear. and that happenned yesterday. with a sense of dread, i approached this day. and nothing happenned. why? why can’t bad things happen when we are expecting them? when we come fully prepared for them.

  • and this is serious. who’ll help ‘bandhu’ get a job with an NGO in uttranchal? pls. do reply.

is that what life is all about? some questions, whose answer we think we are about to find, and then life changes its question.. weird isn’t it?? yes, dear anonymous, it is.

  • and why the hell i miss bugs, when i’ve just been very bad to her?

hence, the best way out for me today was to laugh. smirk, grin, pass a comment on that fear. you are nothing o fear! i’ve the power to defeat you. i’ll laugh out loud. i’ll pull suman’s leg, i’ll take rashmi’s hair clip and hide it away somewhere, i’ll answer all my questions with a question. ‘what if’ will be clobbered with ‘why not’. how will be conquered by when. i’ve a life to live yaar.

some more questions i asked around in the office. ‘just tell me the first question that comes to your mind’ i asked. just for kicks;)

  • what is what? – ashok
  • kya hua? (what happenned?)- babu da
  • sorry, koi sawal hi dimaag mein nahin aa raha
    (am sorry, no q is coming to my mind) 🙁 – neeru
  • humein koi accha kyon lagta hai? (why do we like someone?)- rashmi
  • and an answer by suman, ‘sharma ji se poocho’. (ask sharma ji) sharma ji is our poor translator who does the exciting work of transferring my or client’s pathetic copy into exquisite foreign languages.

“woh mere saamne baithi hai magar, us se kuch baat na ho payi hai. main ishara bhi agar karta hoon, is mein hum dono ki ruswai hai”, yeah am listening to ashiqi.

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Satire on the Catholic EmancipationSatire on the Catholic Emancipation question with Peel and the Duke of Wellington as Doodle and Lord Grizzle. Between the Prince of Wales is the ghost of Canning, and in the front a game cock has the head of Brougham. Prince george of Cumberland is Tom Thumb and George IV lies in bed, with Lady Conying beside him.
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