a wish for payal

Love XOXO,
originally uploaded by Pink Sherbet Photography.

kya kabhi tumne
jab kholi hain hatheliyan apni namaj ke liye
ya joda hai inhein prarthna ke samay,
kya yaad kiya hai apne rab ko itna
ke mehsoos kiya hai
use bilkul apne kareeb?

kya kabhi tumne
yaad kiya hai apne pyaar ko bohat
aur chooma hai
uski khusboo ko, apni
inhi hatheliyon se ubharte huye?

kya kabhi tumne
dekha hai in hatheliyon ko
subah uth-te hi
aur jaana hai
ke lakeerein badal sakti hain
kismaton ki bhi?

attempted translation,

have you ever
when opening your palms for the namaj
or binding them for a prayer
remembered your God so much
to feel Him
right next to you?

have you ever
remembered your love the most
and kissed her fragrance
emerging out
of these palms of yours?

have you ever
waking up in the morning,
witnessed these palms
and understood
that lines could change
of destinies too?

one of my dearest friends, payal is blue. and this comes both as a prayer and a reminder for her.
if i’ve felt even a moment’s love in my heart, ever, He’ll listen to her. please take care, dear friend.

image courtesy, the gorgeous flickr site of pink sherbet. you can access the original here.


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