aaah cricket!!!

played cricket with somu in the office hallway, last night at 2.

we managed to find a squeezed out table tennis ball sort of thing and a regular measuring scale doubled up as the bat. it was another thing that the bat was more flexible than required and the so called ball was born deformed to turn precariously like shane warne deliveries on a dusty wankhede track.

enjoyed every minute of it. the match wouldn’t have ended if the ball had not decided to play hide n seek with us. we found it later on the road below while going home.

i got the idea to write this while reading ‘101 Ways To Play Cricket’ on dear Cloudy’s blog. The url is and do visit this one if you want to live up your childhood once again.

She’s Veena, collecting the simple games we played as children. Simply brings back the childhood memories.

Here’s the introduction, “Love kids, love the way they think. If you think like one, go back to the time when you were one and write about the games you played. Would love to read it, and feature it here.”

and this is what i commented on the post,

aaaah cricket…

between playing beautiful cover drives that got me tagged as the ‘rahul dravid’ of mohalla cricket team and playing alone in the house with a table tennis ball trying very hard not to wake up my mother and playing book cricket in ‘free’ classes in the school… i somehow grew up along.

thanks a lot for bringing back those really wonderful memories of mine, was missing them a lot…

I absolutely ‘like’ this blog.
And of course I absolutely ‘live’ cricket.

19th Century English Illustration of a Cricket Match
Image: © Historical Picture Archive/CORBIS
Philip de Bay
Date Created:
ca. 1800-1899


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