anashwarta / immortality

ek taraf
brahma ka ek din chal raha hai
ismein char yug hain, hazaron baar
aur har yug mein hain karodon varsh
aur har varsh mein, aganit pal

doosri taraf
main aur tum
baithe hain aamne-saamne
aur tum khol rahi ho ankhein apni

on one side
Brahma’s day is in progress
it has four ‘yugas’ in it, thousands of times
and each ‘yuga’ has billions of years
and each year, innumerable moments

on the other side
me and you
are sitting opposite each other
and you are opening your eyes
slowly, slowly

in the Hindu mythology, Brahma is the Generator of life. each one of His days corresponds to the birth, growth and flowering of existence. and on the other hand, when it’s His night, the existence ceases to exist.
the second god in the Hindu holy trinity is Vishnu (the Operator), who also graces my poems quite often 🙂 its a cycle that goes on and on for eons and eons, and comes to an end at the time of ‘maha pralay’ (the great deluge), when Shiva the Destroyer puts an end to it all.
anyways, Brahma’s day consists of many divisions. each one is made of many ‘yugas’
. there are four yugas in Hindu time cycle, namely Sat yug (the age of truth), Dwapar yug, Treta yug and the Kal yug (literally meaning the age of instruments!) so either the industrial revolution was predicted a long time back or it has all been happening for quite some time now, again and again. your belief, totally 😉


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