and a wish for the wishes

ke main bus ek
toota hua tara hoon
gujar raha hoon
roshni failata
zindagi se tumhari
maang lo jo dua mangni hai
mujh par tumne
ke phir laut kar nahi aoonga main

that i am, but a
falling star
light through your life
make any wish, you want
on me
that, i won’t be coming again

around me, i see dreams failing, most loved couples falling apart, families, people who were so much together that they were one. it makes me sad and scared too. what if? have asked this question many times these past few weeks.

but that doesn’t stops me from loving. till the time i’ve, i’ll. this is what that matters most. love is not to be measured in the years spent together, it is in the moments lived forever.


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