apsy wonder


dono kaanon mein
do alag tarah ki baliyan pehn-ne wali ek ladki
us se mila to laga
kahin-kahin main bhi hoon uske jaisa
bolne wale ke swaroop se
badal leta hoon apne sun-ne ko main
baliyan to nahi pehanta uski tarah
bus kaan pehan leta hoon alag tarah ke kabhi


a girl who wears
two different types of ear-rings in both ears
i met her and felt
somehow, i too am like her
i change my ‘hearing’ to
the speaker’s presence
ear-rings, i don’t wear like her
just wear different ears sometimes

don’t you think, we change our hearing to the kind of person we are talking to? different set of ears for the mother then for the boss, different for a friend to a stranger on the bus…how conveniently we change our responses to the surroundings.

dedicated to the girl who wears two different kinds of ‘baali’ in her ears. somone, who started being apsy wonder, became my hagrid on the way and is now, i don’t know precisely, dont want to put her on a pedestal, ‘cos everybody does that around her, whatever, but plays a very important part in this life.

the most curious thing about us is that (actually there are a lot), we met due to a spam mail. one of my net friends had this habit of mass mailing hundreds of ppl together. after many futile efforts, i replied him, with a little dressing down and clicked the ‘reply all’ button.

only aparna mudi replied.

why? i don’t know. perhaps even she doesn’t.
aparna…hmmm, she’s a genius, a fashion guru in making, studying in national institute of fashion technology, yeah ‘the nift’, making lot of friends on the way and attracting all the miseries life can offer 🙂 she has all the qualities one asks for in a friend and then some more.

a woman in the most difficult of times, and a girl who plays with her little doll sabrina in even worse times, she’s the most madly in love person i’ve come across. and perhaps more sarcastic than me 🙂

anyways, i dont know what else should i add here. all i want is to thank her for giving me the most wonderful gift of my life. she brought ‘the one, my teacher’ to me. and as all beautiful things, this too was an accident.

all i can do now, is to sit back and be amazed at the chain of events. from a simple radio show, ‘post a card’ to ‘the dot com guy’ to that mass mail and aparna’s reply…to the 28th of january wherein i talked to one of her friends on phone and later wished her on the 5th of feb., to this day in the november of 2006, it has been a long, drawn out process.

the incredible thing is, nobody guessed what was happening actually. and lives changed forever. we think we know what is going on with our lives, but we can’t be more off the track. nobody knows, what one moment might lead to.

just try to live the moment as completely as you can, try not to hurt people intentionally and love with all you’ve got, this much my hagrid has taught me. and i’m trying to learn as fast as i can 🙂

image courtsey, corbis.com


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