sunday afternoon, waking up from a dream, wherein she had arrived & stood beside, resplendent in appearance – i noticed my dejection at the dream for not being real.

with the left knee and the shoulder-neck area still smothered in pain relieving gel, i hobbled up to the wash basin, to well, wash away any remnants of sleep i might have had.

and there it was.

sunlight. soft, sparkling, serene. spreading from the iron grille of the first floor air shaft, bouncing back from, illuminating the various household paraphernalia occupying that space, with every speck of dust visible in its beams, making these ordinarily daily objects looking almost divine. then gushing, streaming towards me looking up in awe, i must have been startled with the sudden beauty of it all. more so, because of the dream it followed.

and i wondered, why is light so beautiful? what’s on the other side of light?

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