check this out! my workplace

To amul, maggie, apsy, bugs, pino and others who wondered what freakhouse I stay in 10 hours a day and still have to be pushed/pulled out of…

This is my office, my workplace and at times the most favourite place in whole of delhi.

Let me introduce you to a a few of the guys here…

The person in the foreground looking all serious and engrossed in work is one of the partner bosses, ‘Mr. Subroto Sarkar’. I call him Babu da. He is the ‘production & servicing head’ of the agency. And he is only half as workaholic as he looks here.

The person next in the vision is Sanjay, one of the lifelines of this office. He is the guy who runs around doing all the things we lazy people can’t accomplish ourselves.

The Lady grinning so nicely posing for the Camera is my dear own sweetheart, Rashmi. Ofcourse she knows she is being photographed, otherwise that smile stays hidden behind a little nose twitching with anger.

Okay, so the red tee shirt gentleman comes next. With a perfect photogenic face and the simplest of demeanours, he is the favourite of all the people. Somu we call him, Soumindo the true identity. A real darling he is. Of everyone.

Barely visible behind Somu is yours truly. Adi or Alok, whatever you wanna call me. Looking all nice and happy, I just had a simple discussion with Pinaki da over a very complex invitation card we were making. Shekhar helped diffused the intensity by clicking this photograph. Yes Shiv ‘n Maggie, I haven’t changed a bit although just two years have passed.

Shekhar is our Accounts man. Every single paisa goes through his scrutiny. So you know how important he is and because all important people have a habit of staying behind the scenes you can’t see him as of now. Perhaps in some later photograph.

Behind me is Suman, ‘the servicing guy’. Always serious, he had to literally stretch up for this snap. He is another one of the simple ‘n sober guys around. Always looking for a young girlfriend – Simply ‘n soberly. He is the one responsible for rekindling my interest in books. No amount of thanks is enough for that. Thanks mate!

Aha! The one arguing with Pinaki da is Neeru, ‘the most hilarious and funny creature’ in our office. I call her ‘Nadia’. A smile never-ever leaves her face. Infact we’ve to ask her to stop smiling and concentrate on work. Otherwise all’s perfect with her. Now that she has plans for settling down in life, I wonder what she meant by giving me the title of ‘the second most intelligent person she knows.’

And last, hidden behind Rashmi and nodding to whatever Neeru is saying is Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Saha. The other half of the partner bosses we are blessed with. He is the ‘creative head’ of the agency. We call him Pinaki da. A more serious person never walked this Earth. He likes his work and loves his clients (most of them incidentally are women).

Some people are not in this picture, notably my dear Bandhu- Harsh, Sanjeet the peon and Rajender- Sanjay’s partner in crime. This completes the roundup of the people in this small, young agency of ours.

So these were the people. And if you just strain your neck a little bit, you will see my desk behind where me, somu n suman are standing. The most organised desk in morning becomes the most disorganised one by the evening. The time here is only afternoon. On the far left corner is my black bag and on the right one is some books, where the Oxford Dictionary tops the pile. Above these is the big pin-up board. It is a new addition and I reckon, it’ll be filling out with lots of tit-bits soon. And hey, just beside the dictionary is my flower vase. It was a birthday gift. With some flowers I go from Rashmi and Pinaki da, I made good use of it. What do you say?
If you see a little bit of darkness here, don’t worry, I’ve brightened the picture by almost 40% in Photoshop. Yeah, it is a bit dark place. Everybody who visits for the first time complements so. And we guys are proud of all the graffiti you see here. Including inverted swastiks.
Okay, I think its enough for now. I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Do leave your comments.
This is the 31st of January, 07:23 and me, the original dreamweaver is signing off. Love you guys.

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