a conversation between me and my friend aparna
on the 12th of November, 05
it started with me, asking for her snap thru mail as I’d never seen her…
by the way is stpid si photo ka karoge kya?
im looking extremely stupid in this
yeah u do luk a little crossed here… but then… since when did this create a problem… love adi
i hop[e its looking ok
i was cross coz i hate the sun in the eye
and the sun was blinding
so wen am i getting ur pic
and this is how i look like…
behold my eternal splendour…
(I mailed her an image of Krishna) adi
ha ha
i wish you were really gopal
i could do with his presence in my life
frankly even if you were i wouldnt have believed you
i cant believe he has any interest in my life
next “4 years” is the test of my faith…then my faith is in shades of black or white…..filhaal greys mein hai
the eternal splendour is difficult to believe in times of trouble
(then I mailed her my actual snap)
and here’s my present incarnation i’m with my boss’es children at ‘har ki pauri’ haridwar adi
ure quite good looking so do i have chance once i dump sam
and ur as thin as sam not lesserthan that
thr is something else i noticed will tell you that wen we meet
mmmm wen will that be
yeah, i wonder…wen will we
uh some time soon
dont worry woh waqt bhi ayega
at exactly this momnet in a conversation, i begin to wonder, what now adi
what about now?
wondering is a part and parcel of romantics….poets and dreamers are romantics dear……which category are you in
im in both
i’m the original dreamweaver…
the first one, there was…
and the last one, there will be…
i am, i was, i will…
“im the alpha,im the omega” concept huh?
im sure you were the original dreamweaver…
but what about my insanity.dreams which have over the years have been proven insane…inspite of all that i still believe….my dreams stay true for me……….
have i become introspective or am i just proving a point?
all your dreams, all your desires, all your sanity & all your vanity…
they are as much a part of me, as of you…
however insane, they WILL stay true to you…
every poet, every romantic, was, is and will remain a dreamweaver…
what is a poet without a thought, and what is a thought without the seed of a dream…
i wonder, and yes, i introspect….
uh all my thoughts from ure words
what makes me a romantic i have never understood after every shock i thougth i have landed back on the earth below….
only to look down and see im rising again
as for dream weaving….
a thought or a dream or the intrspection
constant but the poetry gets lost in the pain
and yet from the pain rises the song
a full circle,
a dream taking its revenge
for its not come true either,
questions become self answered
and yet we keep asking them
.dreams or just hallucinations
hallucinations are the unfulfilled dreams
we come back to the weaving
weaving the pain and smiles together
which the world calls fake
i call it true….cause thats what i want
my wants are my ultimate truths
lies are not apart of me
lies are just trying to grab my entity……….
“I am the goal,
the sustainer, the master, the witness,
the abode, the refuge
the most dear friend.
I am the creation & the annihilation,
the basis of everything,
the resting place & the eternal seed.”
(these words I’ve taken from Shrimad Bhagvat Gita & at present grace my e-mail signature)
I am but a dream
November 12th, 2005 Adi
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