For a writer everything is life… each moment verse, each breath surprise

A lazy afternoon, wrapped in the lethargy of a whole night andmorning spent at office. Fortunately it is a holiday, so I can be comparativelyat ease. (Only comparatively as already new work has started piling up!) I wantto start reading the new collection of poems ‘the great enigma’ by TomasTranstromer. Had bought it a few days back but couldn’t start it because of thework load.
And at around 6 in the morning when I (finally) unwrappedthe book, I could’ve started with the foreword or the first poem, but then I sawthe bookmark in the middle and was curious to know what poem it’ll be at. Turnedout as if it was meant for me, prompting me to update my facebook status andshare it with the world: Its 6am, I’vejust reached home from office and found these words by Transtromer waiting forme. “The law of gravity presses| us| against our work by day and againstour beds by night.” For a writer, there isno work or home and day or night…

The title for the post comes from my love’s comment onthe above mentioned update. Thanks Dee! And you can read Transtromer’s completepoem here on my other blog: OR my facebook page: OR the new Google+ page: 🙂
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