for youth

long after my childhood joys have punctured as mere detergent bubbles in a tub full of bedsheets being soaked for cleaning, i wonder at the concept of sin and guilt and piety and joy.
isn’t this all a product of my mind? even mind itself being the product of (other) minds? what is childhood but innocence getting ready to sin, and old age but knowledge being prepared for purgation? and if they are but two sides of the same coin then what is me, the youth doing in between?
am i just the genitor who produces more generations while i myself give way to age? or am i, a kind of living, breathing bio-philosophy, who just by giving birth is shaping an other generation of philosophers of mind?
long i’ve been neglected in favour of the other two, isn’t it me, who has the key to both these states? isn’t it only me who has the power to go beyond the cycles of birth and death?


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