from India to Philipines!!!

A conversation between me & my hi5 friend almira, I found her on yahoo chat in the evening today

Adi: gottcha!

Almira: hey!

Adi: so, how have u been, i’m at the office right now, its 5:40pm here, whats the time at ur place

Almira: im pretty good. Just got my right knee bruised from playing volleyball. It’s 8:03pm here

Adi: in england by any chance??? sorry for the knee… is it bad???

Almira: im from the PHILIPPINES bot England.

Adi: yeah i know, ur profile says dream on in england

Almira: haha, i just wanna go there someday

Adi: me too, r u at home

Almira: yep. In our library, to be exact

Adi: r u a studious kinda girl

Almira: very much. School is my first priority

Adi: i love books, less of libraries, least of school, kind of never studied whatever was being taught at school

Almira: it’s like, u wanna learn but hates to listen?

Adi: no its not that, i wanna learn everything and at a quicker pace than what my teachers adopted… i was always studying my elder brother’s books in school, i just wanted to grow up real fast

Almira: i dont wanna grow up yet! That means more responsibility

Adi: that means independence, and u can always enjoy life even before, after or during growing-up…whatever i missed out, i’m catching now

Almira: how old r u

Almira: ?

Adi: just a little bit, say 10 yrs than u (and she’s is about 14)

Almira: oh

Almira: that’s why u’re ready for all those responsibility. I am not yet

Adi: u really believe what i say

Almira: why not? u arent lying, are oyU?

Almira: *you?

Adi: never caught it as a habit, but sometimes when i’m in a little mischevious mood, i do…not now…u r not regular with hi5 these days…(hi5 is a friendship club kinda site we bumped into each other)

Almira: Ive been busy with exams

Adi: what subjects u’ve, especially languages

Almira: literature, chemistry, computer, THE, grammar, anatomy, drafting, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and a lot more that i cant remember!

Almira: we dont have foreign languages

Almira: except english, of course

Adi: and what is your mother tongue, which standard or grade u r in, i hope i’m not irritating u with all these q’s

Almira: Filipino. But we Filipinos are really good in English so it’s never really a burden taking up that subject. It’s actually one of my favorites. I’m in 3rd year high school. Sort of 9th grade.

Adi: in the profile window four girls r there, r u the one with the cap…and is filipino a difficult language to learn,

Almira: I am the one with the cap. I guess it might be hard for others to understand our language because if u say a word in a different tempo, it changes the meaning of the word

Almira: And there are also these “revolutions” of meanings. For example, before, “gara” means pretty or cute. NOw “gara” means weird

Adi: okay, that means we both r gara, u pretty, me weird

Almira: I’ll accept that as a compliment! But hey, you’re not weird!

Adi: all aquarians are, what’s ur date of birth

Almira: July 26

Almira: Which makes me a Leo

Adi: acha, tell me one thing, i’m naturally curious to know, what ur name means in filipino, u know what it means in english

Almira: acha?

Adi: oh, sorry, acha in hindi – my mother tongue means okay…

Adi: or ‘well’, depending on usage

Almira: I dont know what it means in Filipino but I know what it means in English

Adi: so is it a nickname or a proper well thought of name by ur parents

Almira: Almira means Princess while Clarisa [my real name is ALmira Clarisa] means Famous

Almira: My full name is Almira Clarisa Santos

Almira: you?

Adi: ah, the princess, ur humble subject’s full name is Alok Saini and he comes from the State of New Delhi of the country of India

Almira: the meaning of your name, do you know?

Adi: yeah, Alok means light, more specifically the divine light kinda usage

Almira: oh

Adi: what it feels like connecting to someone so far apart, both physically & culturally… do u know someone from India

Almira: Im pretty used to it. I’ve got a friend there, His name is Avi

Adi: as i told u, i’m not much into chatting, i’m just learning the stuff

Almira: oh. What sports do u do?

Adi: i used to play cricket, although not a lot, apart from that, i play chess n carom n crosswords, mostly

Almira: i play volleyball, chess, table tennis, badminton, and taekwondo

Adi: so we r complete opposites in that regard, i’m an indoor person, u r an outdoor person…

Almira: swimming too, i forgot. I was able to play those because my dad taught me, not by my own will

Adi: but u do enjoy sports

Almira: i do, even if it is tiring.

Adi: what matters more is that u enjoy the game, hey how this picture of urs changed? there’s a cute puppy in its place

Almira: i changed it. I’ve been using that pic quite long so I tried something new.

Almira: I like dogs

Adi: i looooovvvvvve dogs

Almira: i hate cats

Almira: gtg

Almira: chat u some other time

Adi: absolutely, positively, but what is gtg, okay some other time, good night

I understood later, that gtg is got to go! Freakily ignorant I’m of the lingo of today’s generation!

This is the 25thof November, 7:23pm, and I adi, still all wonderous, all incredulous about modern technology is signing off. What a small world this has become?

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