Happy New Year *updated*

Hmmm…let the new year roll on, m ready for it.

First Sunday and we met for the first time this year. But won’t tell u all the details 😉 will skim through the day instead. We met at the C.P. metro station, outside the Café Coffee Day outlet. Half an hour later than planned because of me lazy bum taking too much time to get going. I hate myself for this habit.

Went back to the Delhi University campus, where she’d been waiting for me since morning. Spent most of the time at the Nirula’s outlet, cos we’d nothing specific in mind. I’d gone there with high hopes of seeing the CRL (Central Reference Library) rooftop café, where she spends much of her afternoons these days, sipping lemon tea and reading Dryden, Swift or Keats. Such precious image i’d in mind of that place. And to think of, it’s just a rooftop, government half-canteen, that too only for the research scholars and staff members there. Anyways, didn’t get to see that even. It was closed on Sunday!

Well, lucky me, at the Nirula’s we did nothing except sitting lazily, sharing her photographs of trips previously made, to Darjeeling and where? Forgot! Actually, I forget everything else when she’s around!!!

From there we went again to the C.P. Metro to meet Sach and Lizie. Sach, as you might know is my soul-friend and Gudiya is Amul’s that is, my best friend’s and consequently our sister. Gudiya means a doll in Hindi and she’s literally a sweet, gold-hearted doll 🙂 Waise, I call her Lizie, from the Disney serial Lizie Mcguire and I’m her Gordo.

Then, we went to Gurudwara, Shri Bangla Sahib. Gurudwara’s are the Sikh places of worship. I went there for the first time. It was always there in the middle of C.P., but was destined to see me first time with my love only. Good. Normally, I don’t do much at religious places except fool around and let people make fun of me. Not much religious I find myself within those confines.

After Bangla Sahib, we trudged towards India Gate. The usual roaming around in CP’s lanes and by-lanes was opted out for India Gate’s spacious and sunny lawns. And by ‘trudged towards’ I mean, we opted to walk all the way as in theory it was quite near the gurudwara. Although, in practice, it decided to remain a bit far away. Well, India Gate is a beautiful place. Especially for two weary souls, who walked more than expected, that is me and gudiya. Sach and my love are made of sterner legs.

The India Gate is a war memorial, made in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the wars during colonial period. Now, it signifies this supreme sacrifice of Mother India’s every brave son. Continuing with my bad luck related to places of interest, the main flame of sacrifice ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ (the Flame of Immortal Soldiers) and considerable area around it, were barricaded due to some restoration work or perhaps due to security measures in anticipation of the 26th January – India’s Republic Day. Thus, we’d to settle with only a far view of the monument and this is where we got this pic clicked.

As so many of you want to know how my love looks, m posting her first pic here. And this is also our first image together, as a couple 😉

The new year has started in a great way and I hope it continues to be full of love and fulfilled dreams for me. Wishing you the same. Happy New Year, once again.

From left to right, Gudiya, Dee – my love, then me and last Sach.
(the pic i posted last night was a of bit less resolution, hope this comes out right)


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