haven’t written a poem for ages

soon, it will be two years, since we first accidently talked to each other. was that the real beginning?
soon, ‘ll be celebrating my second birthday with her. and soon, she’ll be celebrating her second one with me. remembering the day i messaged her, ‘a birthday wish from a stranger’. did that started it all?
soon, it will be two years since i first saw her and felt so shy, that i couldn’t talk to her. that, i’m sure was not the beginning!
‘cos she wondered, ‘what was she doing there.’ and we’ll keep wondering throughout our lives, what is it that draws strangers near and who is it that paints a story dear.
a story of telephone, sms, bus tickets, office visits, shared songs, poetry, tears, laughs, sitting by the roadsides, walking slowly to destinations, meetings, separations, joys, heart aches, of doubts, dangers, wishes, prayers, trust, faith, of giggles, pranks, surprises, festivals, traditions, celebrations, dreams, doings, lives and yes, of love.
of loves.
this sunday afternoon, when i was reading the rays sprinkled on her face, the delicate skill of light, writing verse in shadows, i yearned again for her to be there with me, forever. and this, perhaps is the real beginning.
a moment of love that starts it all over again.
and again.


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