help India’s underprivileged children get an education #BEASPORT


The Magic Bus Foundation is one of India’s largest NGO’s, and harnesses the power of sports to keep over 200,000 of India’s most underprivileged children in school. Their motto is take youth on a journey from childhood to livelihood.

#BEASPORT is a social media movement by Magic Bus that is bringing together top stars to help educate India’s youth through style + sport. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for Magic Bus via a social media platform, which consists of a microsite, which pulls feeds from a dedicated #BEASPORT YouTube page, G+ page, Facebook page, and Twitter feeds.

I need your support for the #BEASPORT program and help get the program off to a strong start. Here’s how you can help:

1) Visit the website and view the video on the Homepage. Share the video on Facebook!

2) Like the page

3) Change your Facebook Cover Page (Timeline cover for those using Facebook timeline) and profile pic- you can copy pics from this page’s cover and profile pics

4) Leave a status update that’s a variation of the suggested status update below:

Suggested FB Status Update:

I am involved in a really cool social media program called #BEASPORT, to help India’s most impoverished children.  Here’s how you can help too:

(1) tweet the link and hashtag #BEASPORT,

(2) tag yourself in my cover page picture, and make it your cover page

(3) share the link to the video on Facebook


Each time someone watches a video from, a donor has committed to match each view with real money to fund Magic Bus, one of India’s largest NGOs.  Their goal is to get 1 million views in the next few weeks, and each view counts, so spread the word- you can help us make a huge difference for India’s future using social media.


Let’s BeASport! 

and please do share this with your friends as well 🙂 thanks a lot!

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