Hey Sigma, 8 days to go!

m deliriously happy today

it has happenned so rarely in the past few months, that i’ve to type this out first thing in the morning, office work can wait a bit 😉

and if you call the last 28th january as ms. destiny’s play, then the game started much before that!!!

will tell u later, in the next post, as for now, i wud like to share her answer to my last query, with u guys, this is specially for you Vi and for my twin, cos she needs it now…

she replied, “Haan, karte the, karte hain, aur karte rahenge”, accompanied with a kiss 🙂 that translates to “Yes, we did, we do and we’ll continue to love each other”

now, isn’t that one reason enough to be happy :))

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