there’s an old wound in my left knee. got it with grace from a DTC bus driver, about four-five years back. makes it impossible for the knee to bend or to move. all i can do is to writhe in pain and wait for it to end.
for the last few days, m being constantly reminded of the last Vaishno Devi trip. at the end of the 14km climb, this old friend of mine resurfaced. and made it impossible to move any further. well, almost impossible.
with every step becoming difficult, accompanied with a silent groan, praying to see the Mother Goddess soon, one word with every effort kept me moving. one word.

why m being reminded of that time? why i m writing this? its related to the reasons i stopped blogging. and to the reasons i couldnt start it again.

some things gripped this heart, took hold of my ability to put words on paper. and i might have been busier than ever before with office & career issues.
might, ‘cos nothing used to stop me from writing. but i did. for howsoever little time.

well, the trials are still not over. m being my own jury, in a case i’ve framed myself and i’ve to fight myself. against myself.
and as in that trip last time, there’s only one word that keeps me moving. every day, every moment. every breath, every struggle. only one word, one name. dee.


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