i am surprised…

…at the way, ‘the gift’ generated this varied a response. you can check my individual replies in the comments section.
yes, it is fiction, one of my initial attempts at storytelling in prose. and as it is only the initial phase, there will be a lot of ‘me’ in the stories i write. gradually, the ‘i’ as in adee or adi ‘the copywriter’ will fade out with the line between truth and fiction becoming more pronounced.
moreover, i’ve been wondering about rescuing my old blog, ‘thinkpot’ from oblivion. as of now i plan to make it in content and tonality different from delhidreams or deedreams as some of my friends name it 🙂 there will be a lot of reflection on the going-ons around me, but no attempt be ‘creative’ as such. i hope Her Highness ‘My Lady of Laziness’ permits me to achieve this goal soon.
and yes, december as last year, is continuing the enchantment alive, here.
can’t forget the day, ever.

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