joining the resolution bandwagon

the first two days of the ‘new’ new year are coming to an end. not only is this the beginning of a new year but of a new decade as well. agreed, these divisions of time into moments, months, years, is just a facilitating tool and memory doesn’t always follow its cold, logical precision, nevertheless by compartmentalizing our life in time, we can compare where we stand today in relation to our past(s).

normally, my personal favorites for this pensive task are the two days of my birthday and the festival of Diwali. the universally applicable new year resolutions mania doesn’t affect me much 😀 this time though, i’m making an exception.

now, i want to start collecting, transcribing my memories, capturing the swirling sounds and images with my magic wand and storing them in clear glass vessels, one page at a time. the purpose is twofold: a written record of my experiences will help me gather my thoughts better, hopefully help me journey constructively towards my goals (not in the chaotic, haphazard manner i’ve all my life till now) and secondly, help sow the seeds of discipline and craft that i so desperately require to succeed as a writer.

hope i’ll be able to stick to this resolution and bug you with more regular posts throughout the year 🙂


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