make health your middle name

Dear Friends,

Health is an issue most often ignored by us. We all know that we should take better care of our health, but then who does? This World Health Day (7th of April), let’s make a promise to ourselves, that we won’t ignore our health anymore. I’ve attempted a little initiative, please do join me to make health a part of our collective identity. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

01. Think, and really think about that one health goal you must achieve. It could be as simple as just being more active or complex as achieving  8 pack abs.

02. Write it in the middle of your name and update it on the Facebook page I’ve created for the initiative. Here is the link to it: (do become a fan of this page, we need the numbers!)

03. Spread your new health goal or status through e-mail, facebook, twitter, blogs etc. You can also copy and paste this as your e-mail or blog post.

04. Make sure to get in touch with your close friends and family at the very least. Ask them to make health their middle name!

Hope to see you in your new ‘healthy’ avatar soon 🙂

Adee ‘Active’ S


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