monsoon magic

morning grey rain clouds delhi green fresh grass drops journey soak india gate sms gagan wishes sachin hope friends dee shayari memories conversations words traffic open roads zebra crossings breakfast tea pakoras spice sauce pa mummy terrace window balcony shout loud dance children smile home music…

…the joy of monsoon

sunday brought the monsoon home.

covered almost half of delhi with sachin on his two-wheeler & the rain traveled along.

i’d stayed back at his place on saturday as we (sachin, me, gudiya ‘n amul) were planning to have a great & somewhat early-movie weekend together. but he got an urgent call from the office & had to rush there. i hitched a ride as that place is quite near to my home.
best friend, glorious weather, a promise of rain & freedom from city buses, i couldn’t have got more reasons…

around half of our journey, the ‘india gate’ saw us completely soaked. and enjoying every milimeter of it.

i’ve a love-hate relationship with this season. and am sure the city of delhi also feels the same. rains bring everything that’s hidden to the surface. lots of unwanted things too. especially if you are a bursting-at-seams-city or an at-his-wit’s-end-gentleman like me.

sunday, monday, tuesday- three days of continuous soaking left me a little warm from insides. sniffles, cough & medicines followed. tomorrow again is the sunday, and the weather is delirious again.

i’m living rains, here in the heart of delhi.

p.s. just wondering about hagrid. should’ve come out of the blues by now… must’ve


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