more updates!

there’s so much to say and do that’s its actually making me mad!!!

met her on sunday, and it all went well. as always.

have brought some little souveniers from the day. but they’ll come later.

this time their was less of agony and impatience & more of peace and calm.

i think the initial craziness has subsided and now its more of smooth sailing from now on 🙂

thanks to all of you for the wishes and the flickr comments.

have been too busily blue to even add comments on those pics.

the sariska set is of the new year trip i went to with my office gang.

i thought i’ll post something about that here, but then…

and there’s more if i go backwards, there’s the saturday me & dee met dwaipayan, our fellow blogger who had come all the way from kolkata. sorry dwai. if time permits, i’ll sure post about that day. but u know this already, it was special just being with you. never felt that we were meeting for the first time 🙂

since last night, have been blue.

this is the yearly time to be so.

its the time of the year, when i look back at the life gone by, and the dreams taking shape. the trouble is, am not being able to decide what dreams to dream. what goals to reach, what heights to conquer. as of now, its just an aimless life.

i believe in the power of dreams. and i know i have in me to realise them. but what to ask from life? which dream to live for? why i am living? what is my purpose? if i’ve been given the powers, then for what?

m not finding any answers. and this is why i am blue.

and that’s why, i was real pissed off with myself, when neeru clicked these pics.
btw, whoever wants to wish me, can.

i am 27 tomorrow.

wish me luck 🙂

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