my Holi-day at the office

we celebrated holi at the office on Tuesday. i came prepared in the morning itself, wearing a chaka-chak white shirt, waiting all the way for some kid to throw a water balloon or some colors on me before i reach office. but sadly, delhi’s kids are not so daring anymore. there is an absolute lack of the holi-spirit in the bylanes of this city now-a-days.

dejected by this lack of application, i kept on working till the early evening when Sanpreet came and suggested that our IT guy Arun is distributing free gulal (dry color) to people who agree to be colored by him. both of us quickly grabbed the opportunity and there started our in-house Holi celebrations. had so much fun after a long time. smeared everybody i knew with colors. by the time i reached home, i was drenched in dry colors!

in the first photo, it is me waiting for some unsuspecting target to go by with Umananda my fellow copywriter being the partner in still unhappenned crime! in the second pic, the holi players gang! from left to right, back row, first a guy i don’t know, then Umananda, then me, Deepak – one more of my copy talent, then Ritika, Sabu and the new trainee girl whose name i still don’t know! in the front row there is Rajesh, our chai-wallah, then Vipra and then Sanpreet.


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