november update

i’ve been ill. the winter i love so much, always plays the ‘bewafa sanam’ (treachrous lover) act with me. this time, it was the sudden dip in mercury that nailed me down 🙁

so, after a couple of days of cold, cough, fever; and rest, medicines, prayer; am back at my favourite place in the e-universe. ‘delhidreams’ .

hmmm. a lot of comments followed my last post. yes, thanks to all the people who took the trouble to actually post a comment. in response, all i can say is that its not about any writing skill or style, am just plain lucky to be in love and writing at the same time.

a lot happenned in the last few days. apart from the numerous mundane things happening in this wonderful world of ours, and apart from falling ill, i met her twice in six days. and the promise of a sunday with her is near. how lucky can i get 🙂

went to meet a dear friend on sunday. he is shifting base due to career reasons, and it is all fine to believe that you are grown up and all mature, but then you realise you won’t be able to meet as frequently or drop down at his place uncalled, uninvited whatever… some part of my heart moves out with him. sms is all that’s left.
and thinking back, maturity is something that eludes me still. cut that out.

then, there’s another, dearest friend, whose parents are hell-bent on tying him up in the knots of nupital kind and again these dreaded ‘mature-responsible-grown up’ words play havoc in my ill-equipped-to-handle-all-this-stuff mind. god forbade, if he does gets married soon, then i really have to look upto my shoe soles and think of somethings that i don’t want to think.

haan ji, as for the translation debate going on delhidreams comments’ sections, i would like to state my official position that, okay, translation cannot and considering my effortless skills, does not ‘says’ truly what the original intended, but it sure helps in conveying the meaning to somebody who couldn’t read the original due to language barriers. wow! what a smooth sentence that was. and thus, i, ‘the whatever’ will always try to translate what i write or cajole or blackmail some worthies to do that for me. and listen you worthies, no excuses of this or that being so beautiful to be untranslatable. jesus, is there really a word like that. untranslatable. hmmm. or a genius like me.

anyways, i do think am stretching some limits here, just don’t know what they are, but still, i take my leave and leave you pondering whether to come back again to this blog or not. and yes, no need to say this, i will take care and beat the hell out of these sniffles soon.

i’ve the most wonderful remedy with me. something which treats a tired mind and warms a weary heart. just two teaspoon love, three times a day…

and i so love her…


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