october mubarak

jaise sardiyon ki pehli sihran
jaise poonam ka pagal chand
aur chand ki meethi garmahat
hmmm. october three, two thousand and six. or is it seven? somehow dates don’t look good in words.
i was wondering what i’ll post today. morning helped me. baths have started being a bit cold and my favourite season is just round the corner.
it is in winters that i get some annual bulk, thanks to the layers of clothing i wear. soon i’ll be spotted around in woolen caps and woolen shirts and woolen socks and basically, well, a lot of woolies.
though i’m more of a jacket person. i like things with pockets and spaces. the more, the better. they help me store various knick knacks. and also to forget them on the way back home. it was only the last year that i started wearing pullovers a bit.
apart from that much needed bulk, i feel winters are a bit more romantic than the rest of the year. rivalled only by a brief spurt of monsoon. well, i guess i should not be saying this actually 🙂
hmmm, october three, two thousand and six. somehow days do begin to look good in winters.
like winter’s first shiver
like poonam’s mad moon
and moon’s sweet warmth

(poonam is the night of full moon. i didnt know how to put it there. starry, sunshine, as always u’ll have to make do with my troubled translation.)

Happy October


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