one year at de’ hub

i’ve completed one year at de’ hub.
so what? big deal.
it is.
never stuck to a place for that long.

i’ve also sort-of completed two years in copywriting.
this is much bigger.
never spent so much time in one profession.

printing, designing, customer care, restaurant executive, graphics, marketing, now copywriting… jack ass of all trades… just running around in circles and the intelligence to believe, i’m running away from her.

who? my life.
who else.
just a piece of destiny thrust upon me.

bugs says, am naive enough to do a lot of things i shouldn’t do.
like ruining my own life and that of people around me.
wish, she wouldn’t talk in riddles.

apsy says, i need to look at life from a different perspective.
actually don’t look at it.
just live it.

anyways, i’ve completed my first couple of years in copywriting.
how long people will be foolish enough to believe in my abilities?
don’t know.

here’s to the death of life.
welcome to my world.
this is where dreams take themselves apart…


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