orange and off white days

and this sunday when he met her, he wore a full moustache for the first time in his life, and because it was not properly defined, she didn’t notice it for several hours, and finally in the rickshaw ride back home, when he asked her how he was looking, they both laughed at the awkwardness of the moment. and today when she greeted him a happy anniversary, when he had completely forgotten about it, they again laughed at the moment, how everything has shaped into what it is now, although two years have passed when the orange shirt boy first met the off-white suit girl, everything is still as beautiful as it was.

and with many more things to do and explore, to find the infinite possibilities within each other, to share and experience, to gradually build a life, together… everything is even more beautiful than it was.

as the day draws to a close, again, that orange shirt boy will say to the off-white suit girl, that he loves her, in a way never properly expressed by words, and that nothing ever will matter more in life, than this love they have for each other.


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