Paheli – love story of a ghost

Elegant, esctatic exuberance of colours, that’s what I would call Paheli – India’s nomination to Oscars this year.

Saw it just a few days ago on Star Gold. A poetry in motion, a dream on celluloid, a fairytale with a happy ending- who would mind that.

Some do. For them it’s an illogical movie. A ghost falling in love with a girl & living with her as a husband. And the girl knowingly accepting his desires. “This is particularly, not so…real”, they say.

I take a different view of things. As I told Rashmi also. For me, this movie is all about Love. And love is always impractical, always illogical.
It is love, that forced a ghost to proclaim, “I won’t be able to live without you.” It is love, that helped the girl in deciding between a husband who left her for five years on the first night and a ghost who is true enough to reveal his identity.

Paheli gives you a dream to dream of, a hope. It tells you, ‘Love makes everything possible’ and that is why it must be seen.


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