poetry as i live it

reading Dushyant Kumar’s collection of poems, ‘Surya ka Swagat’ published by Vani. brought it home from Delhi book fair, in September last year. this is the first poem and it well, literally sums up the poet’s (and my) life. i loved it for being so ‘me’ and on a larger level, being the story of India also. am sure anybody who reads it will identify with the struggle inherent in these words.

अगर इस लड़ाई में मेरी साँसे उखड गयीं,
मेरे बाजु टूट गए,
मेरे चरणों में आंधियों के समूह ठहर गए,
मेरे अधरों पर तरंगाकुल संगीत जम गया,
या मेरे माथे पर शर्म की लकीरें खिंच गयीं,
तो मुझे पराजित मत मानना,

read the complete poem here, on my other blog. please do comment.

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