Psychoanalysis of London and Delhi weather

If I were a psychiatrist, I would have treated London weather for dissociative identity disorder. (Fancy name for multiple personality disorders.) And I would have told her “You have some serious issues, Miss Murphy.”
Saturday was hot and sunny. Yes, this is an Indian guy saying it was hot. Sunday it poured for some time and then went back to being grey. Monday has been a drizzle so far with bouts of sunshine predicted as if the sunshine itself was some major affliction.
The weather back in Delhi is much simpler. Bipolar, mind you, but simpler. With Miss Singh, you know what you are going to get. When it is hot, you get baked. When it is cold, you freeze. When it rains, you soak.So basically you know how your next few months are going to pan out.

Here, you are not sure of how your day will turn out. The weather app becomes as much a part of your ‘what to wear’ deliberation every morning as the decision to take a shower or not.

But yeah, all said and done, it is fun. Delhidreams might even temporarily be turning into Londondreams it seems. Behn di blimey!

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