recuperating on a saturday

from the pages of my memory, a year ago
July 16, 2005

So, it was another Saturday. What was so different about it? Nothing much. Took an off from work, nah office. ’cause work somehow is always on. Tried to relax.

When I say, tried to relax; pls. visualise a household comprising of one hyper-active four year old & one hyper hyper-active two year old. My niece’, sia & kaku. It’s not everyday they lay their hands on my sense of patience & calm. And I admit. I’m defeated. Comprehensively beaten.

Naturally, at the end of the day I thought it would’ve been better at the office.

So, it was another Saturday, entirely opposite of what I thought it would go like. My Saturday’s are like that. Always having some surprise in store for me. It’s Shani Devta’s effect. Never seemed to like me much.

Have still no plans for tomorrow. Was suppossed to call Pino & Sunshine to fix up a ‘get together’ on Sunday. Didn’t. Will be calling them, asking to shift the ‘gt’ to the next Sunday. Pino is leaving for Infy this August, so its important to leave him some good memories with.

Rest, most of the things are going on nicely. Now, will gargle with warm tea-leaf water, then take a tablet for fever & the last apply a ‘new improved, less greasy, decongestent vaporizing ointment’. Ah! my kind of lingo. Advertising is everywhere. More so, even when one’s ill. It just doesn’t feel like work anymore. I write even in my dreams now. Perhaps, the only good work i do.

Have to come up with some decent taglines for a run-of-the-mill cliched product. Hope Vicks Vaporub clears my nose & mind will follow suit.

My diary entry of a year ago. So many things change yet the basic’s always remain same. I’m still the same foolish, strategically stupid guy I was a year ago.
Sunshine is no more in my life. Guess she got tired of me. Pino is still there. Happy at Infosys. Infact, he was in Delhi for the past three days. I couldn’t meet him due to over-stress & over-work. Maybe next time.
This weekend was so much like the last year’s. Some people slipping slowly out of my life, some adjusting painfully, some staying even more deeply. Rains, heartbreaks, joys, memories… some things never change. people do.

Flu Season; Image: ©; Creator Name: Philip Scheuer

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