remembrance of times to come

the horizon is grey, coloured with memories of blue. a grey fog, hangs soft over the distinct tree tops. the grey-green of the distant, rear trees gradually gives way to the dark green of the front row. the yellow distempered drain wall, separating the trees on the bank from the road to my side peels off in the grey-white of the layer exposed.
a red wall divides the road into two, upper and lower halves. a red Maruti 800 with a missing fender speeds off noisily from the view. and ambling away are a creaking, solitary rickshaw and a pedestrian few.
the lower road leads to the always open colony gate, the gate opening up to the homes on either side, their doors closed, sleeping in the shade of the colony trees. the trees are open though, to the squirrels, to the pigeons in flight, to the crows and a solitary parrot or two.
from the third floor balcony where i stand, my eyes sweep gradually, gathering it all, like fallen leaves in the season of fall. as the sun climbs on his invisible ladder, brushing things within reach with his touch of gold, their colours stand guard, resisting this invasion, but eventually merging and fusing into, the green and the red and the grey and the gold.
its a saturday morning and i’m waiting for the day to unfold. you’ll be here in an hour or so. and there’s much to look forward to this day… to this life, with you, by my side.

Just Love How We Fit Together! by Phillip Jaeger
Image: © Philip Jaeger/CORBIS; Photographer: Philip Jaeger; Creator Name: Philip Jaeger; Date Created: 2002

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