sadak (road)

kehte hain, sadkein chalti nahi
khadi rehti hain ek jagah
log chalte hain aur pahunch jate hain manjil par
paidal, gadiyon mein, dheere ya tez

(it is said, roads don’t move
stay put at one place
its the people who travel and reach their destinations
walking, through vehicles, slow or fast)

main nahi manta
sadkein toh chalti hain, behti hain nadiyon ki tarah
aur baha le jati hain inhi logo ko
apni-apni manjilon ke kareeb

(i don’t agree
roads move, infact flow like rivers
and sweep these people away
to their individual destinations)

sadkein chalti hain, chalati hain
behti hain, bahati hain
koi toh sadak hogi aisi bhi
jo uske ghar tak le jaye mujhe

(roads move, and move you with them
roads flow, and flow you along
all i wish is for a road
that’ll take me to her place)

m more blue than i thought possible.
its the happy kind of blue, shadows.
sorry bugs. sorry dudo.

Meadowlawn Road: Afternoon by Gerrit Greve; Image: © Gerrit Greve/CORBIS; Photographer: Gerrit Greve; Creator Name: Gerrit Greve; Date Created: 1991


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