Serial Justice

12 March 1993
12 blasts
257 people dead
173 injured
27 crore worth of property damage

after more than 13 years, 600 testimonies and 35,000 pages of evidence and statements; the Indian Justice will be delivered in coughs and sneezes.

4 of the 123 accused have been pronounced guilty, while 3 got the benefit of doubt. Rest will follow slowly. Very slowly. And even then it won’t be the end. Petitions, sentences, review petitions, it’ll be years, before this macabre event comes to a grand finale.

Take an example. Today’s editorial in the daily Pinoeer says, “The trial was over 3 years ago. Justice PD Kode waited till last month to begin writing his judgement.” Hello! what’s going on here?

Isn’t justice delayed, justice denied?

The Pioneer summarises, “For the sake of upholding India’s credibility as a functioning democracy, we need to plug loopholes, strengthen investigation and make prosecution more effective. Or else, we must be prepared for terrorists walking free.”

And we’ve made anti-terrorism laws into some kind of vote-garnering, secular tricks.
God bless India.

You can read the complete editorial here. just copy n paste this link into your browser window.

images courtsey: corbis and gettyimages


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