Shahrukh & Me

“When I need money, I dance at a wedding or do a show, I do films only for love”

Shahrukh Khan

Novemeber 27, 2005 10:25am

Sunday Morning & the Newspapers
I’m enjoying the sunday morning. and what’s my idead of doin that? Well, first of all, get up late, really late & if Rahul tries to wake you up at 8:30, mutter up all the swear words you normally don’t, ‘neend mein sab chalta hai’, slowly sink in two cups of ginger tea (ahhhhh) with an hour’s interval & gorge on the newpapers on offer. And the Bible says laziness is a sin…

I’m prompted to write now because of Shahrukh.
Am reading about him in the Times Life Supplement. Yaar this man does wonders to me, everytime I read something about him. He exudes so much energy.
And how I hated him while growing up???
Actually I liked Aamir & instead of his better acting skills, it was Shahrukh who was a bigger star, almost always. Amir is like a comet who comes visiting around a year, while Shahrukh is always there and the sun shines brightly.
I digress a lot. Do I?
So, I was on Shahrukh & the effects his words/actions have on me. Sanple this, “I don’t carry even a rupee in my pocket. My logic is that the amount of money you carry out of the house must be spent, so earlier, whenever I left the house, I’d give money away to people who claimed to be needy. So my wife forbids me to carry cash on me. I usually borrow from my spot-boy or driver.” Amazing, isnt’ it? This is India’s biggest film star speaking..
It is this lovable quirkiness, this brand SRK philosophy that I like very much.
Shahrukh does wonders to me…



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