on a day that came after seven stretched out days, a minute that was preceded by forty five minutes of waiting and a moment that appeared after a million agonising moments… i felt her head on my shoulder and nothing else matterred anymore.

chhuo mat,
bikhar jayega ye,
simat jayega apne khol mein kahin,
ya beh jayega yaad ban ke…
saans ka jajba hai
saans rok ke jiyo ise…

don’t touch,
it will scatter,
hide into its shell
or turning into a memory, will flow away
it’s a feeling of breath
live it, holding your breath…

isn’t it amusing, that after a whole week of preparation, of careful selection of clothes to look like i haven’t bothered about what to wear and a more particular preparation of what to say & what to do when i’ll meet her…i found myself again without words & gestures.

just outside the delhi university metro station, the sunday afternoon sun found me settled beneath a slightly wrinkled, but shaded tree. i feel, it will see me there a little often these days 🙂


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