yes, the last post was by dee.
what she is to me, u guys know very well.
and how well she writes.

was missing her too much. she came to office today. to surprise me. and cheer me up. cudn’t give her 10 worthy minutes. and hated myself for it.

i know dee, that at the end of the week, we’ll meet again.
but, then, there are six whole days to live.
to exist without you.

get up in the morning
feel blank
feel numb
feel lifeless
feel nothing’s right in this world anymore
missing you is a sickness in itself

delhidreams is not all about the smiles and the joys. seems, it too has the other side. of tears and agony. and what keeps me going is you.
your love.
what life will be without you, i dare not think.


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