So, i’m through, wish me best of luck

Its been taken care of…
Finally, i gathered enough strength to tell my loving boss, was leaving his firm and joining other…
with this comes a period of tension & apprehension….
of leaving a comfortable cushion and starting all over again,
just for a thing we call, achievement…
am i ready for the things to come?
only time will tell…

i’ve been in this job for 10 months, i’ve done everything and somedays nothing, but sometimes the other things took too much time and focus rather than what i was looking for, i’m a copywriter and i’m supposed to write, but here, sometimes days passed without me getting hands on anything worthwhile,
and i would instead be doing, office mails, correspondence, co-ordination, meeting with clients, net searching and all that stuff which i was not suppossed to do.
yes, being a small agency, everybody has to multi-task a bit, but when it becomes the main thing-to-do, you know you’ll have to leave….

so, i’ve bagged a posting with another bigger agency, it has seen slightly better days, kinda top slots in Delhi, but now it is in a bit shaky position. still, i’ve chosen it:
to leave the small agency mindset,
to get a hang of how things are carried out in a bigger set up,
to see where i belong in the professional hiearchy, ‘yaani main kitne paani mein hoon?’
and a lot many little things like a significant increase in the pay packet. i seriously dont know for how much time i’ll stay there or they’ll keep me, everyone has an apprenshion about joining a new job…but one thing is for sure, i’m prepared for it.

and God willing, i’ll be able to prove myself also.

i hope, i’ve my well wishers’ blessings with me…

i’m adi, this is the 23rd of november 2005, and delhidreams are well & truly on…


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