was cool.

pa’s birthday. there was one problem though, what gift should i get for him.
navratri fasts are on, so cake n accesories were not an option. no new movies to impress him. that left only one choice. lets go to book fair.

the trouble is i got this idea at 1 in the afternoon.

so, again we trudged to pragati maidan. again we went to the same stalls and roamed around. but the difference this time was ‘pa’ was with me. with his experience, we bought much more variety of books in the same expenditure. and am really happy with the booty. dee must be happy with what i got. the trouble is, after buying all that stuff, my heart wants to invite kira. leo and andrei again.

pa’s birthday and i enjoyed it more than him. but he loves books and poetry and me.

icing on the cake, ma forgot the birthday. i nudged her today and she wished him at 4 in the morning.

what more to say? monday going good. lot less work today than expected. just not felt like talking to anybody and so many people called. call it irony. and the day is not over yet.


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