sunsilk black

of all the god’s accomplishments, mind is the most amazing, terrifying, wonderful, obcsene, beautiful, and whatever other adjective you chose to use, creation. and all the adjectives being only its produce, they cannot completely describe what, this mind is.
have been troubled too much by my mind these days. but this internal dialogue was necessary. and it still continues. and this is why the rain helped.

she came to meet me today. at the office. because we won’t be able to meet this Holi, which sadly also takes one of our precious sundays with it, she traveled half way across delhi. to meet me. and to give me a tilak.
now when i look back at the moment, i wonder how more special it could have been. the number of things i could have said and done to make it more memorable. but then, the fact that she was with me is enough. one shade of red that she adorned my forehead with and the same color i rubbed on to become her blush. and we both were colored in the same hue of red. we both are covered in the same hues of love.

this sunday, the festival of colors, will be full of love. this sunday, after a gap of 15 odd years, i’ll play Holi, immersed in her name.


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