tagged, bhagat singh n dee

first of all, the tag.

i’ve been tagged by appu who’ll teach me how to have those little links wherever we want people to click. hai na appu?

rules of the game.
1. Name the person who tagged you. (i already did.)
2. Eight things about you. (there r more than eight, what to do?)
3. Tag six people. (no, this i won’t agree to. i’ll tag more than six.)

eight things about me. i’ve done this kind of thing before, so i’ll concentrate on the trivia bit more.

01. i’m nearly ambidextrous. i can do many of the right-hand things with my left hand too.
02. i’ve a really bad handwriting. perhaps second only to dee 😉
03. i’ve been bitten by dogs at the least five times in my life so far. and that too my own pet dogs. still, i adore canines. and i dont’ like cats.
04. every year around dussehra, i’ve peculiarly nightmarish nightmares. the past few years were a bit subdued, but this one has already begun. and begun well 🙁
05. i’ve bumped into people, buses, trucks, walls, electric poles, even bulls while walking. i do feel i become a bit absentminded sometimes.
06. right now, i’m wearing a size extra jeans just to get a freedom kind of feeling.
07. my favourite job will be to be a travel show host and travelogue writer.
08. i dont think i’ve a sense of direction. i manage to confuse myself in the most oft-visited places. i recognise my present home from the chemist shop one street before it and one camera shop alongwith it. if these two relocate someday, i’ll be lost. and nobody should ever ask me to find the right seat in a dimmed theatre. ask dee.

as of now, i think tags r a wonderful way to have a glimpse into the person behind the tag. so i’ll be tagging lot of people here. lets see, who all oblige me 😉

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bhagat singh
it is bhagat singh’s birthday today. he would have been 100 years old.

is selected to be a teacher in a government school. the dream of every prospective mother-in-law. some kids are gonna have the time of their life…


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