the 5th of feb

we celebrated our birthdays together, on her big day 🙂

happy birthday, love
she laughed, and with her, laughed every thing in the room, the floor, the walls, the windows, the doors… the running cooler, the glowing tube light, the balcony outside the room, the trees visible from the balcony, the roots of these trees, the earth clinged to these roots and the sky craving to embrace the earth… the scattered clouds in the sky and the sun peeping from behind the clouds, the sunshine spread everywhere and sunshine’s daughter shadow, each one laughed… smiled wtih me.
sitting in a small house of this big city, a girl’s laughter has brightened the whole existence, filled colours in my life.
how can i not fall in love, with this laughter of hers…

(written many a months ago, for her birthday)

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