the best and the worst

I’ve seen the best of life and the worst of life. Days filled with love and days filled without any hope whatsoever. I’ve met the best of people and the worst of people. Friends who have supported me in the darkest of times and people who were supposed to be my own but did everything in their capacity to deny me my life. And, I’ve come face to face with the best and the worst in my own self too. Somehow, my best has always been reserved for the darkest of times and people and perhaps my worst, for all that was good in my life. Today, on the 16th day of the new year, when I’ve tried my best to find happiness in every little thing for the past 15 days, it is today that I acknowledge this essential truth about myself, and maybe for all those reading this, that somehow our grief is truer to us than our joy, that one moment of sadness hurts us more than days of happiness heal us, that our hearts are predisposed towards tears more than smiles…that these are more or less sides of the same coin(s) and no matter what we do, or feel, there is actually no point in this all.

our smiles, will always be tinged with grief and our sadness be touched with hope. and yes, there is no point of all of this…



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