the blank page

its a bright tubelit room i realise i am in. there are voices around me, about me and perhaps addressed to me. i am sitting cross legged on a chair, as i usually do. the chair is blue in colour, dark blue. the monitor is to my left, the keyboard beneath my left arm. i open my eyes to see, but they are already open and although everything is visible, there is nothing i can see.

slowly, in a split second slowness, the voices take form, shrill, sharp sounds once pleasant. the faces appear next, humanoids, arms, legs, sitting, standing, things resembling me.

gradually the cacophony ends. it was the information that one more of my works has gone waste. again. the voices and the faces and the arms and the legs leave the bright tubelit room, one by one.

i swiwel to face the monitor. there is a blank page with a cursor blinking on off on off on.

i jump and take another leap.


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