The Cuckoo’s Calling- an unreview

a quick, unedited post about the book and an unabashed attempt to make you grab a copy right now! need friends to discuss this book with!!!

J.K. Rowling's 'The Cuckoo's Calling'

enough has already been said about the book, how most of us were enticed into reading it post the ‘real’ author revelation… all that apart, purely on the merits of a crime fiction novel, this book scores high… the very personality of lead character Strike, his background, his nuanced, unhurried way of untangling the case and then his chemistry with Robin, his temp assistant…man woulnd’t everyone want to read more books of this series (if there are) just to see their romance blossoming!!! though being in a steady relationship, am quite wary of these kind of demands, why break her current relationship (she is engaged to Matthew) just so that the story line fulfills our fantasies!!!

the best proof of a story being good is when its readers start identifying with its characters as real life people, like i just talked above, Strike and Robin are definitely in my ‘favorite characters list’ now.

all said, i’m out of the blogging habit these days, but this book has forced me out of the hiatus…guys, you really need to grab a copy and read this book end to end. yeah, i really crave this to become a series.

hope Mr. Galbraith is listening 🙂

adee (14/10/2013)

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